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Power Soak

Power Soak Hot Tub Spa & Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaner

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Brand: Power Soak


    • Power Soak is the best filter cartridge cleaner in the market beacaues it is fast-acting and effective in cleaning pleated filter cartridges used in spas or hot tubs and swimming pools. 
    • Power Soak filter cartridge cleaner mixes well with hot or cold water to give a poerful solution capable of remove all the foreign bodies trapped in the filter catridges like body oil, lotion, and makeups, etending the life span of spa hot tub or pool filters. 
  • Power Soak filter cartrige cleaner comes with a professional formula that works best withing a short time to clean your spa or pool filter cartridges and dose not foam like other pool filter cleaners. 
  • This particular brand comes in a 2 x 1 lb bottles and is economical to use since hot tub filter catridges are cleaned after every 3-4 months. For every filter cleaning, use 1/2 a cup.