In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets 50 Pounds
In The Swim

In The Swim 3 Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets 50 Pounds


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Keep your pool water crystal clear and safe with In The Swim 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets. Properly maintained water chemistry is crucial for a clean and healthy swimming pool, and these chlorine tablets are essential to that process. Designed to dissolve slowly, these 3-inch tablets provide long-lasting sanitization, ensuring consistent chlorine levels without frequent adjustments.

Made from 99% Trichlor with 90% available chlorine, these powerful tablets are sun-stabilized and free from fillers and binders, preventing rapid dissolution and clogging. Ideal for use in chlorine floaters or automatic feeders, they deliver a steady dose of chlorine, helping you avoid the common peaks and valleys associated with granular.

Each tablet effectively sanitizes by killing bacteria, algae, and other organic contaminants, ensuring a safer swimming environment for your family and friends. With easy application and reliable performance, In The Swim 3 Inch Chlorine Tablets are the trusted choice for maintaining clear and healthy pool water. Enjoy peace of mind and a sparkling pool with In The Swim.

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