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Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid for Swimming Pools 1 Gallon


Product Name: Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid 

Manufacturer: Pool Essentials

Sold and Delivered By: Walmart

Product Description

  1. Pool Essentials chlorinating liquid is a high quality chlorine that sanitizes pool water and keeps your water clean and clear throughout all the pool season preventing harmful bacteria and organisms from the swimming pool. 
  2. This sodium hypochlorite liquid chlorine by Pool Essentials comes with 10% chlorine and is best to chlorinate, shock and prevent algae and ammonia in a swimming pool throughout the summer.
  3. Pool Essentials Chlorinating Liquid is free of calcium and will not cause cloudy pool water or raise the levels of calcium hardness.
  4. This liquid chlorine is salt system compatible and can be used to raise the levels of free chlorine in a saltwater pool with low free chlorine levels.
  5. Pool Essentials liquid chlorine is fast acting and will clear cloudy water, kill algae and ammonia within a short time without affecting other chemicals levels in a swimming pool. 
  6. Chlorinate on a daily basis to maintain Free Chlorine levels at 1-4 ppm and kill bacteria.

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