Swimming Pool Metal Stains Control

Swimming pool metal stains are formed when chlorine reacts with heavy metals including Copper (turns pool light green), Iron (turns pool brown), Silver (turns pool black) and Magnesium/Manganese (turns pool purple), however the most common metals in a swimming pool are Iron and Copper.

Swimming Pool Metal Stains

With quality metal stain chemicals and equipment we have recommended below, you can prevent and clear metal stains in your swimming pool or spa whether on vinyl liners, fiberglass, plaster or pool steps.

If for any reason you can't avoid using Well or Borehole water in your pool or outdoor spa, the easiest and most economic way to manage and prevent metal stains is to filter heavy metal components from fillwater before entering your pool or spa system i.e at the inlet hosepipe using Pleatco Pool and Spa Metal Pre-filter that easily installs in any standard hosepipe. 

Alternatively, you can use Ultra PowerPak 4.0 metal filter that can be installed in the skimmer or pump bucket. 

You can also use chemicals to control metal stains if you choose not to pre-filter heavy metals before entering your pool, however, using chemicals to prevent and clear metal stains is not economical because you will spend a lot in the long run in buying chemicals to maintain your pool after every Week or monlthly.

Metal Magic by ProTeam is one of the most effective metal removers and sequestering agent. Metal Magic works by removing all metal components via the pool or spa filter.

To clear metal stains, add enough Metal Magic directly in your pool or spa to remove all metal compounds through the filter and rinse your filter after using the chemical.

To prevent metal stains in the future, add the right amount of Metal Magic weekly/monthly depending on the level of metal compounds in your water.

You can use LaMotte ColorQ Pro 11 digital pool water test kit to test the level of metals( Iron and Copper) in your pool in parts per million (ppm).

Other metal sequestrants are Orenda SC-1000 and Pool Magnet Plus by BioGuard. If you have tough stains in your Fiberglass, Pool Steps, and pool equipments, apply stronger Pool and Spa Stain Remover to lift the stains offin a few minutes.     

For a step by step procedure on how to remove, prevent and clear metal stains in your swimming pool and the right products to use, click how to prevent and clear metal stains in a swimming pool and find more.