Things to Consider When Selecting Outdoor Dining Furniture Set for Your Home

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Sofia and William Patio Dining Set 7 Piece Umrella Hole

Everyone deserves to have fun with their loved ones during the Summer. To have fun in style and with comfort, you need a patio furniture set that can accommodate your guests and or family.

Besides, outdoor dining table adds beauty to your home especially during the Summer when everyone just want to chill in the backyard, balcony, garden or around the swimming pool while snacking or sipping. 


However, there are a few things to consider when purchasing a patio set for your home, to use in the beach, or to use indoors in a business setup like bistro.

In general, we consider the same things when shopping for outdoor dining sets for home or business use, and they include the following:

1. Waterproof and UV light Resistant

Since an outdoor dining set will be used outdoors most of the time during different seasons and weather, it's important to have a set that is waterproof and UV light resistant and cannot be damaged by either rain or sunlight.

2. Durability

Durability is one thing that everyone looks at when purchasing any outdoor table and chairs to use at home or business. Garden dining set should be durable to endure different weather and weight without getting damaged easily. Durable patio table and chairs are made of made of metal and can last for years.

3. Size

It is important to consider the size of patio table and the number of the chairs because you need to accommodate everyone. Most outdoor patio sets are 5 piece and can accommodate 4 people, however, today there are 6,7,8 and even 9 piece patio dining sets and will depend on how many chairs you need.

4. Storage

If you have a movable patio dining set, you may need to keep them away during the winter and fall. Some outdoor furniture sets like Outsunny dining set come with foldable chairs to minimize on the storage space when need be. 

5. Easily Portable and Easy to Assemble

Before buying an outdoor dining set, you should consider weather you need fixed or movable furniture set.

Fixed outdoor Furniture set 

Fixed outdoor furniture set are permanently fixed outside and should be concrete strong and resistant to UV light  and water.

If your patio dining set is not resistant to UV light and water, you may need an outdoor furniture set cover that is water proof and UV light resistant. 

The best quality outdoor furniture sets are made of materials that doesn't get heated up during sunny days to avoid discomfort while sited.

Portable /Movable Outdoor Furniture Set

Movable outdoor dining set are always light and can be moved around. The best brands are made of light and strong metal that can be carried and move with ease to the backyard, around the swimming pool, balcony, garden or under  a shade in your compound.

Movable outdoor furniture set should be strong, resistant to damages from water and UV light. Some if not all patio dining sets come with an umbrella hole at the middle of the table and an umbrella to protect you and family from the sun and rains.     


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