4 Life-Changing Fitness Options for People With Disabilities

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Reaching a healthy level of personal fitness can change your life tremendously. Meeting your fitness goals inspires confidence and can make you feel more energetic daily.

However, it can sometimes feel like people with disabilities do not have many options for pursuing personal fitness. The truth is that everyone works toward their goals in unique ways, which means you can become healthier by following a path just for you.

We invite you to learn about accessible fitness options and the tools available to understand how you want to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

1. Easy At-Home Exercises

Experts explain that home exercises are perfectly safe for most people with disabilities. Depending on the nature of your disability, you might have to modify some traditional exercises. For example, HUR explains that a seated exercise routine works well for seniors and people in wheelchairs.

With the aging population, there’s a massive audience for people looking for instructional and inspirational videos and other material related to such exercises, which begs the question: Why not start your own senior fitness-related business?

Others have certainly done it, and so could you, especially if you have a mind for business. First, you’ll want to determine how to structure your business, whether a sole proprietorship, C Corp, or an LLC operating as an S Corp.

There are several options, so first, do some research, like learning the difference between C Corp and S Corp. Then get started on drafting a well-conceived business plan that lays the foundation for how you’ll run the operation, including finances, marketing, and identifying your
target market.

Upper body exercises such as chest presses and shoulder retractions work well from a seated position. Everyday Health points out that investing in a resistance band makes certain workouts possible and helps increase the intensity of your exercises when you are ready to progress.

Also, simply walking around the block – if you’re able – is a great way to combine exercise with getting out in the sunshine and fresh air. Walking is one of the most effective forms of low-impact exercise, especially in strengthening one’s back and improving balance.

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with a high Walk Score – which measures a location’s walkability from 1 to 100 depending on how easy it is to get around – you’ll have plenty of places to get in a good stroll.

2. Accessible Sports

Research indicates that involvement in sports can benefit people with disabilities not only in terms of physical well-being but also in terms of mental wellness through social activity.

Some adaptive sports easily accessible for people with disabilities include:

  • Cycling with a modified bicycle
  • Golfing with adaptive equipment
  • Swimming and
  • Basketball with specialized wheelchairs.

Swimming is also a great full-body activity that typically requires no extra
equipment to enjoy with your disability.

Many adaptive sports organizations throughout the country provide opportunities to play with people who share similar goals to your own.

You can contact groups in your area for information on opportunities for getting involved with your favorite sports.


3. Guided Nutrition

Diet and nutrition form the core of every health goal. Physical activity is excellent for the body and mind, but that activity is fueled by the quality of what you eat.

You can have tremendous success in achieving personal fitness by following a proven nutrition program.

An ideal nutrition plan starts with assessing your current condition and establishing attainable dietary goals.

From there, you can work with a certified nutritionist who can provide
the proper guidance to help you make positive changes to your health.

4. Fitness-Focused Senior Living

If you are an older adult with a disability, you might consider moving into a senior living facility. This may be necessary if you require 24/7 care for a current medical issue.

Be sure to find a nursing facility with exercise accommodations and adequate
outdoor space for practicing fitness activities safely. When searching for a senior living option to meet your needs, check online for detailed facility reports and compare ratings.

It would be best if you also compared prices and payment options for various nursing home areas to find the best location for your budget. 

Sometimes, your disability seems to take control of your life away from you. You can change your life for the better by seizing the future for yourself.

The choice is yours when choosing how to pursue better fitness, and you even have control when finding a suitable senior living facility. By making these healthy choices, you empower yourself to live as healthy as you please.

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